Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A brilliant stroke of the pen!

I didn't think a white board marker could make such a difference, but there it is -- the writing on the dryer. I have watched my son spurt and sputter through inches of growth just after I get him appropriate pants. Now, they're all too short - again! How do I keep up? My handy dandy white board marker shows two lines and the measurement between them on the dryer's metal frame (mine is up on top where I don't have to bend). All the pants coming out get a quick and dirty measure, then tossed to donation if they are too short. Of course, the marker may wipe off in a few uses but I'll find the tape leftover from the kitchen painting and put two little pieces on there. Since the tape is made to lift off easily, it should leave no residue. (hint: don't put the tape on the parts of the machines that get warm - that glue will adhere strongly then!)

My husband thought it was so neat he called my son in to look and marvel at my ingenuity. I guess I have some talent for this whole "short cut to easy street" stuff.

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