Saturday, July 25, 2009

Household Appliance Geek

Hi, my name is Scarlett and I'm a Household Appliance Geek. I know this because I nodded in sage understanding as my friend uttered the phrase, "Well if we want the patches can be done at my house. I have a Rowenta." My eyes lit up and I felt a little envy, the kind that makes you want to save pennies to purchase the hot little number my friend possessed. In that moment, my geek-dom was revealed in true form.

Rowena is a particularly powerful and precise iron. Now mind you, I don't iron if I can avoid it, rewash it, or otherwise pretend like wrinkled is "in" this year, but I admire a Rowena. This machine, and its counterparts all over my home, epitomize the ideal form of quality that I enjoy collecting -- the kind meant to save me effort. I can be very supportive of saving myself effort but not particularly of spending the small chunk an iron like that will cost. It has taken time and much of the words I ignored from my mother to learn that quality appliances are well worth the money in the long run - penny-pinching step aside! That being said, I'm still not going to rush out and buy a Rowena. *sigh* I know myself well enough to realize that I just will not iron, so buying an expensive albeit fabulous iron won't make it any better no matter how much I try to wish it to be true.

Appliances in my home where I've invested rather than scrimped include: washer/dryer; dishwasher; convection oven; outdoor grill and my bed. Yup - a bed. I spent more on it than I ever really wanted to spend, but since I spend nearly eight (okay - more like 6, but who counts?) hours a night there I consider it an investment in my health. The convection oven, however, was actually more of an investment in my home's value. One of the few areas where improvements in a home return to you is in the kitchen and the bath - so I spent a little more to have an oven I love while I'm here and one that will sell well when the time comes. Each item is considered on my daily usage, quality for price paid, durability, functionality for me (does it suit how I use the machine), etc.

Knowing which appliances are quality goods probably makes me a bit of a brand monger in the end, but I'm okay with this fact. It means I know what I want and what is worth my time. Afterall, my time is very valuable!

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